Starting the “Teach me everything” project: Everyone has something to share

Hello again Substack. Seems this is the consensus best way to make a newsletter (I explored Medium’s setup for a bit and it was a whacky product experience…).

Given writing is lower cost than recording and editing audio, (and I’m better at writing), I’m going to be tracking progress of this project here more frequently.

My goal with this project is to share what I learn as my curiosity wanders… I think everyone has stories to tell. Living our lives in wonder and learning makes them richer. 

I firmly believe everyone is trying their best and is interesting in their own way. I’m hoping this lets me show that...

What do I like to learn? Almost everything… For those of you that don’t know me, I am curious to a fault, constantly doing new hobbies and trying to learn new things. To give you a sense for this, at various points in time, I was obsessed with memory palaces, learned law, worked on a variety of Charles Dickens serial reading experiences, was an investment banker, worked for a symphony, helped sell a brewery, worked at Twitter on a bunch of parts of the consumer product, worked as a YouTube consultant, have studied over 10 languages, etc. etc.

As for this project: my first step is to figure out how to make a podcast. I’m bewildered by the variety of tools, hate to hear my voice and have never done one before - great start :) Will share here as I learn more!

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